Our Story

Hi everyone,

My name is Susan and I create the Signature Scent range in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. I like to share my story with you.

Having wonderful scents around one’s home are small and inexpensive pleasures of life. 

I have spent years buying candles and reed diffusers and at times the scent was not strong enough for me, long lasting or unique. And in terms of reed diffusers, that did not discolour or become rancid after 3 months.

So I sought to create wonderful and distinct scents that would do all that, that myself and others would love and want to share with friends and family.  

Taking inspiration from my travels in Europe, the Middle-East, and the USA, I recollected the sights, sounds and scents of these amazing locations to create my blends.

With many months of research; trialling many recipes, the result is a catalogue of blends made to take one into their own journey of scent discovery.

It is my passion and an ongoing quest to create and innovate new and unique blends.

My love of scents are in these products, and others have found their love for it too, so it was only right I share these amazing scents with you.

I thank you for your support and hope you love them as much as I and others do.


Signature Scent Artisan